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It's not about the technology...'s about your business. Over the twenty years since my Navy retirement I've been privileged to meet and work with some of the best and brightest leaders in both information technology and business. The single most common characteristic, the defining characteristic from my perspective, has been that each of these leaders has proceeded from a single premise: it's what the technology does for business, not what the business must do to create or sustain their technology platform. The more they focus on the technology the more their businesses suffer.

If you've lead or are now leading a business and have employed technology staff you've more than probably experienced moments when you just couldn't seem to make them understand what the business needed, the kind of information it needed, or how you wanted to achieve specific business goals without forsaking plain language and clarity as you understand them. The underlying problem is a lack of sufficient common ground between the business leadership and technology leadership. That's where I usually come in: a leading executive's realization they need someone that understands both the business and technology terrains who can focus on how the technology supports the business so they can focus on the overall business.

Understanding what an enterprise is trying to accomplish, translating those needs and goals into technology, staffing, process, and training solutions and alternatives, helping the executive team understand the choices before them and make informed, well understood decisions, communicating those decisions to the technology team and more diverse project teams, and ensuring they have the right processes and procedures in their repertoire to achieve success coupled with the mentoring and monitoring that guarantee it is what I've been doing for years.

If your enterprise needs a transformational technology leader that speaks both the languages of business and technology, I'd very much like to hear from you. Please use any of the contact information provided at your earliest convenience
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  • May, 2013, FOSE PMI PMO Workshop, Washington, DC.
  • Oct, 2012, SharePoint 2010 for Corporate Communicators Summit, October 9-10.
  • April, 2012, Share Conference (The SharePoint Conference for Business Users), Atlanta, GA, April 23-28. (2.75MB).
  • March, 2012, Microsoft Project Conference, Phoenix, AZ, March 19-22.

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